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Search Engine Optimization ProcessAn increase in crawl rate means that search engines like Google crawl your website more frequently. There are many different time frames that search engines use that could range from a few weeks to a few hours time from one “crawl” to the next. When your website is experiencing a high crawl rate it means that you are doing something right – at least according to Google’s standards for what is right. Improving your crawl rate means you’re going to have better performance from your site – keep reading to learn what you need to do to boost those vital crawl rates.

Believe it or not, a slow loading page can slow the rate of return for search engine spiders. It’s important to get those load times down as much as possible if you’re looking to improve your relationship with Google and its merry band of bots. You won’t have to work very hard, in general, to get those load times down a good deal. You can easily reduce the load time for pages on your site by limiting the number and size of images and graphics. Use your common sense to see what could be slowing down the speed and how you can rev it up for better response. Interlinking all the relevant pages on your website is something that you should do in order to improve your page rank and get the crawlers to visit your regularly. Interlinking is one way to really attract Google as they have a deep appreciation for this practice when it’s done well. Google sees this differently than you might expect because they view it as a sign that your site is taking extra steps to deliver quality content and help your viewers have easy access to all of it. Ensure that you’re only interlinking relevant pages and not just anything and everything.

Don’t plagiarize – it will do your site much more harm than good in the eyes of search engines. They do, and so does Google – no prizes for guessing! For this reason it’s always best to use content on your site that isn’t found anywhere else. Google offers stiff penalties, like lower page rank, for sites that display content that can be seen elsewhere. Google’s most recent changes to their algorithm resulted in a major “Google slap” for sites that used content that had been displayed elsewhere. But you need to do more than just add original content, the content you add must also provide value to your site.

Have you begun to see how simple it really is to improve your sites crawl rate? The upside of this is that you’ll see your sites new content indexed faster than ever before as well as more traffic than you ever thought possible. So go ahead and start taking action by contacting a local search engine optimization company in Atlanta. Red Rain SEO – 732-333-8908 is a good choice.

WordPress Website Designs


WordPress is the most well-liked Articles Management Systems (CMS) particularly designed and designed for ones bloggers which allow user to customize blog in your unique unique way. It’s continually updated product, offered totally for no cost for anyone. But now with advancement in WordPress procedure they have designed it into procedure which could be employed to make Open source and produce customized world wide web site designs. XXBR2 WordPress Customization XXBR2 WordPress allows you to fully explore and customize your website. It really is downloaded and installed effortlessly and might be employed right-away. Installation technique is extremely simple and informative, particularly oriented on the beginners and amateurs. But of the help of professional designers and developers it can produce sites that are simple to mange and intriguing when there is a need for Open management of website. XXBR2 Full Customization – Customize your world wide web site via plug-ins and themes produced by third party developer. It allows you to highly increase your blog or world wide web site function and productivity in a short time providing a good layout and user friendly front-end and admin controlled backend website. XXBR2 SEO For WordPress – Free-hosted blogs cannot adjust and increase the SEO function of your blog, typically because you cannot install any third-party plug-in from their database. But with WordPress customization and installed plugins world wide web site SEO can also be effortlessly managed. XXBR2 Domain Name – In case you already have a domain name – you cannot use it by the default (for free) with your free-hosted powered Wodpress blog. Utilizing self-hosted solution gives you the option to build-up your blog around unique domain name. WordPress customization and plugins installations allow simple wordpress world wide web site design hosted on server with complete admin control. XXBR2 And so today you are able to discover numerous world wide web site designing corporations offering wordpress customization which could be effortlessly searched on Internet. These corporations provide dedicated team of designers and programmers offering customized products for wordpress world wide web site designing allowing to pick from thousands of themes, plugins and widgets. Selecting a third party to customize wordpress world wide web site designing is an simple and affordable option for little business, blogs and firm which could must update their world wide web site extremely oftenly for solution display and promotions. XXBR2 It’s continually updated product, offered totally for no cost for anyone. But now with advancement in WordPress procedure they have designed it into procedure which could be employed to make Open source and produce customized world wide web site designs. XXBR2 These corporations provide dedicated team of designers and programmers offering customized products for wordpress world wide web site designing allowing to pick from thousands of themes, plugins and widgets. Selecting a third party to customize wordpress world wide web site designing is an simple and affordable option for little business, blogs and firm which could must update their world wide web site extremely oftenly for solution display and promotions. XXBR2 It allows you to highly increase your blog or world wide web site function and productivity in a short time providing a good layout and user friendly front-end and admin controlled backend website. XXBR2

Optimize Website For Search Engines


It will not be an exaggeration to say that today we live in the world of internet. From booking movie tickets to buying gifts, all are being done online. And why not, seeing that doing things online saves people money and time and they get to check out as many options as they can. To take online services like booking tickets, buying products, online payments, downloading files, music, videos we need to visit websites. When we’re typing an address bar any URL or in Google search we’re giving search any coveted things and the search result provides us numerous websites. But we choose any one website, which matches with us requirements and the site is chosen from the first on maximum second pages of the search results. The first pages result of websites is actually well optimized page which comes after typing keywords. A SEO specialist does the search engine optimize job to make rank the web pages. The professional seo expert knows how to rank a website in a search engines efficiently. XXBR2 XXBR1 Websites designing is very much important here and it should be a SEO friendly web designs. For that mere template gives you zero result. The sophistication in appearance will be judged by the visitors that you can afford to build your website. The reliability on you website get increased and your business will be able to sale any inexpensive or costly products and services. The web development is done in this way. Search engine optimize and social media sharing is a linking process of your business site to make the business available in Google like search engine. When a customer make search by typing any words in Google, the search results comes with many websites url based on the search. The 1st two page of the google actually delivers the best optimized websites. The optimization actually done by the link building process using keywords using which the search results arrives. Here the concept of article marketing, content writing and submission jobs are done. The social media sharing make the websites more available in the search engine. Facebook , twitter. Stumble upon, my space are used also for the purpose. XXBR2 XXBR1 Press release job is another authentic job for the business websites. To get marketing there are also another type of SEO specialist optimization job to give product and service review. It also helps the buyers to get business review positively. Sometimes you competitor can use negative marketing to get down your business. For that they also spend money. But you don’t need this unethical practice. The professional seo expert handles your online image by publishing positive optimized press review to attract more customers to read the review and visit your site. When the press review is read by any visitors he surely relies on your service and get interested to deal with you. XXBR2 XXBR1 In search engine optimization a series of technical jobs are done. It may be on page or off page optimization. To go beyond your geographical arena websites and its optimization are always fruitful job. XXBR2

Free Web Optimization


Traffic. Everyone wants free traffic, and what better way to get it than optimizing your site? XXBR2 There are some very simple things that you can do to optimize your site. If you want to get more from your website, then implement these strategies, use these tools, and make your website spider food for the search engines. XXBR2 Below are some of the best sites I have found for optimizing my sites. XXBR2 1. Check your site. XXBR1 Before you start tweaking your site, you need to make sure that it’s either in Google or not banned by Google. XXBR2 The truth is, you want to optimize your site for Google, which is now the number one search engine in the world. XXBR2 It will not do you any good to optimize your site if Google will not accept it. XXBR2 Use this tool to check your site. XXBR2 Google Banned – XXBR2 2. Toolkits XXBR1 If you can find the tools you need in a collection, this will save you a lot of time, as well as frustration because you will know exactly what you need to do to properly optimize your site. XXBR2 You’ll want to check different aspects of your site like page rank, metatag information, and links. Nothing will drive your potential customers away faster than broken links. XXBR2 This site, in addition to offering a forum on search engine optimization, also offers a nice collection of tools for helping you optimize your site. XXBR2 SEO Chat – XXBR2 These two sites also offer search engine optimization tools. It’s really a matter of preference, as well as what tools you need to optimize your site. XXBR2 Add Me – XXBR1 Evrsoft – XXBR2 3. SEO Software XXBR1 You can also use software to help you optimize your site. Where software will help you the most is to actually help you optimize your site for the keywords you are trying to target. It’s a waste of time to optimize your site if you have not optimized for the right keywords. XXBR2 This is the software I use, and it’s free. It works for both MAC and PC, and it has some of the best documentation I’ve ever seen on search engine optimization because it’s written for the average person. It also includes a basic search engine optimization training course, a 50 page manual, and excellent, step by step directions for preparing your website for the search engines. XXBR2 Web CEO – XXBR2 4. ROR Generator/Robots Text Generator XXBR1 A what? XXBR2 ROR is similar to a robots.txt file in that it gives information about your site. The difference is that an ROR file is in XML format. XXBR2 You can use this generator to create an ROR file for your site, and then paste a button to the main page of your website. When the search engines spider your site, they’ll spider this file and have a better description of what your site is about. XXBR2 I would also recommend that you create a robots.txt file because this will tell the search engines what not to spider on your site. If you own a members’ area, or you sell anything, you don’t want the search engines spidering your download pages. XXBR2 ROR Generator – XXBR2 Robots Text Generator – XXBR2 5. Site Map XXBR1 A site map is not only a great tool for letting your customers know where everything is located on your site, it can also help you with the search engines. XXBR2 By creating a site map, you will have an index of all the pages on your website. When the search engines spider your site, they’ll find all of the pages. This will help you with your rankings. XXBR2 Creating a site map, especially if you have hundreds, or even thousands of pages on your site, can be very time consuming. This generator will speed up the process. XXBR2 Spider Map Creator – XXBR2 6. XML Site Generator XXBR1 Google is now offering webmasters a chance to submit an XML site map. XXBR2 An XML sitemap is a search engine friendly sitemap of your site. This is not written for your visitors though. It’s written for the search engines so that they can find all of the pages on your website. XXBR2 Even if you include a sitemap on your site for your visitors, I would still recommend that you use an XML sitemap. This can speed the process of getting your site indexed by Google. This is an easy way to make sure that all of your pages get indexed. XXBR2 Creating a sitemap is easy. You can use the generator listed below. Once you’ve created your sitemap, submit it to Google. XXBR2 XML Site Maps – XXBR2 Submit your sitemap to Google – XXBR2 7. Linking XXBR1 There’s been a lot of talk about linking because linking is one of the most important strategies for getting high ranking in the search engines. XXBR2 The more links you have pointing back to your site, the higher the page rank you will get, as well as creating a way for others to find you. You can use this strategy to get referrals from other sites, which is free traffic. It’s targeted, and you are being recommended by another site. XXBR2 Before building your linking strategy though, you should check your popularity. See who you are linked to first. XXBR2 Link Popularity Checker – XXBR2 Once you have checked your link popularity, begin by building links back to your site. Below are two sites that offer directories you can submit your site to. XXBR2 Directory Manager – XXBR2 Free directories that don’t require a link back – XXBR2 Linking can drive a lot of traffic to your site. The more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be. You’ll also get a lot more traffic. XXBR2 Before you start to market, complete your site. Optimize it for the search engines, and use these tools to help you get higher rankings. XXBR2

Website Search Optimization Services


Just like so many other online services, search engine optimization services is a crowded field. All of them claiming to be the best and some costing more than others. So what is the deal? Can you find a good search engine optimization service for cheap that can get you actual results in the search engines? XXBR2 Taking Stock of Your Competition XXBR2 The simple answer to that question is both yes and no. For instance, a lot can depend on how much competition you are facing in the search engines. Some areas of the net are more competitive then others for a few different reasons with one have being money. XXBR2 Some Stiff SEO Competition Out There XXBR2 If you have a website that strictly features wild flowers in the Arctic for instance, that you run for mere entertainment then you most likely can get by on the cheap. However; if you are a gung-ho affiliate marketer that is planning on making headway in a highly competitive market niche, getting by on the cheap is a recipe for disaster. XXBR2 Man Thats A Lot! XXBR2 Are your aware if the fact that Google takes over 100 different separate variables into consideration when determining your position in the search engines? So there is definitely a whole lot more to SEO then just submitting articles to article directories. XXBR2 It Takes Money to Make Money Online XXBR2 So there is just no way that any of the search engine optimization services can do truly effective work for you on the cheap if you are in a highly completive market niche. If you have the money to invest, the best time to get started with a qualified search engine optimization service is now, because you can bet your competition is. XXBR2

Optimize For Free


XXBR2 I have been around the net for quite sometime – offering outsourced services and software products. I see a lot of net marketing techniques on how to get more traffic and attract more paying customers, but only one technique seemed to work for me considering my tight budget.
XXBR2 So what is this technique?
XXBR2 This technique is called free content article marketing or free-reprint article marketing. It is basically writing an article with topics covering your products/services. The main idea of this is to keep your article ratio at 70% quality and useful information/tips to 30% advertisement. The 30% advertisement refers to your bylines or the resource box at the end of each article.
XXBR2 Your bylines or “about the author” content is the key to article marketing. This is the part where you can make yourself as an expert in your field, the part where you can ask readers to visit your site and the part where you can mention what you offer and do.
XXBR2 I already wrote an article, what now?
XXBR2 Is your article optimized?
XXBR2 Optimizing your article is always the first thing to remember. There are lots of ways to optimize an article, but let me share to you mine.
XXBR2 Before writing an article think of a keyword, be sure to include that keyword in your title. Make those search engines love your article by first optimizing your title.
XXBR2 Do not quote your title! Search engines will not like it, for example, “Five Ways to Effectively Market your Product”. Get rid of the quotes!
XXBR2 If possible put the keyword first in your title, for example, European Cruise – You Deserve Only the Best.
XXBR2 When your title is ready, try to spread your keyword several times all over your article. Try to keep a decent keyword density and do not try to spam the search engines.
XXBR2 Do not sacrifice your credibility for optimization. Some authors are fond of inserting dots between words that are considered as spam. Just like the word “free”. If you are trying to sell a product or service make yourself credible and your articles professional.
XXBR2 Ok I’m set! Now what?
XXBR2 Submit your article to article directories and article announcement lists. There are hundreds, if not thousands of article announcement lists and article directories. Article directories is where you can let your articles reside and Article Announcement lists announce your articles to a variety of targeted audience.
XXBR2 Here are a few article directories you can use:
XXBR2 http://www. isnare. com
XXBR1 http://ezinearticles. com
XXBR1 http://articlecity. com
XXBR1 http://ideamarketers. com
XXBR2 There are thousands of article announcement list, is there a site to do the submissions for me?
XXBR2 Yes, indeed there are sites that do the submissions for you, but there is a payment for each article you send or if not, a monthly payment.
XXBR2 Try checking these sites for Article Announcement offers:
XXBR2 http://www. isnare. com/pbenefits. php – Distribute as many articles as you can for $35/month with an option to request for proofreading before distributing your article.
XXBR2 http://thephantomwriters. com – Amount depends on the number of articles you distribute
XXBR2 http://www. ezineannouncer. com – I have not looked at this one yet
XXBR2 http://www. articlesubmissionsites. com/ – $49. 00 introductory six month renewable membership XXBR2

Professional Seo Company In Usa


The Search Engine Optimization as it is generally known is the technique used for the purpose of web marketing which helps in increasing the visibility of a website and to make it gain a better ranking on the search engine result pages. However, this is the process which help an online business the most to gain more and more visitors and through this process have better sales prospects. It is the main concern of any website to gain a better ranking on the search engine result pages and the fact that is most important in this respect is to seek the aid of a Search Engine Optimization company to get the best results in the SEO process. XXBR2 In this respect a very important fact that should always be kept in mind is that most search engine users are in the tendency of looking towards quick search results. Therefore, it is very much widely seen for them to go through those pages only that appears to them first, and this is the reason behind the craving for any website to be within the top ten ranking or rather to say to get within the top three ranking on the search engine result pages. Besides that it should also be kept in mind that to get within the top ten or top three position is always a very tough thing to achieve. In fact the most important thing that should be done in this respect is that in such a high competitive market these days it is real difficult to get your desired results without the proper choice of the Search Engine Optimization techniques and an efficient SEO company. XXBR2 However, to get the best results in your proper website optimization it is always recommended to seek the aid of an experienced Search Engine Optimization company. Although it is a fact that you can easily work on the Search Engine Optimization of your website yourself but the fact that should always be kept in mind is that the process of website optimization is a time consuming process which involved a lot of things to be worked on. Therefore, it is always recommended to trust your website optimization on some experienced professional SEO so that you can save yourself a lot of time for yourself and concentrate on your business. XXBR2 With the help of a professional SEO you can also avail their experience and their expertise suggestions for the betterment of your business. However, besides the well known means of optimization process like the link building, keyword research, directory submission, article submission and such others there are also some other things included in it as well. These means included social media marketing, blog creation, forum posting and other such means as well. These processes of Search Engine Optimization help a lot in increasing the popularity of your website and to increase its visibility on the search engine result page which on the other hand increases it ranking on the search engine result pages. Therefore if you are willing to get the best results for your website and have better sales prospects the best thing that can be done is to seek the aid of an experienced professional SEO and have the latest techniques of Search Engine Optimization applied for your website. XXBR2

Search Engine Optimization Tips


XXBR2 Learn to use search engine optimization techniques when writing your articles. If hiring a writer to write articles for you, you can choose one whoever already knows about SEO or you can supply them with a list of keywords and let them know where they should be placed and how many times they should be repeated throughout the article. Optimizing your articles for search engines will help them rank higher when someone searches for a keyword relating to your subject, which means that you will receive more visitors because more people will actually view your URL. It is a fact that most visitors don’t look past the first search engine result page and by the third search engine results page there’s practically no audience left for you to promote to. What this means for those on the third or high page is no traffic. This is why it is very important for you to make sure that your articles are prepared in a way that will eventually get them to that first or second search engine results page.
XXBR2 Word Count 190

Link Building Process Seo


One of the toughest aspects of online promotion is creating compelling content. But the job doesnt really end with the creation of compelling content, it actually begins from there. The next and the most vital stage for is enhancing and selling the content to create online visibility through link building and increased link popularity. XXBR2 Selling is an art and getting customers to your website needs a good online marketing strategy. An effective method of increasing online sales through getting new customers on your website is by reaching out to the right people. The priority is to identify your target audience and then reach out to them. The question is how can you effectively communicate to your target audience? XXBR2 The answer lies in meaningful link building also known as link popularity. You can promote your website content, give product or service specific information through linking that revolves around a sound revenue model. Let us look closely at the various ways of promoting content. XXBR2 Link Building Step#1: XXBR1 Get a consultant whoever can help you to comprehend the important of selling content and also guide you in promoting it. Alternatively you can hire a firm whoever can provide good content writers, graphic designers and even programmers. XXBR2 There is a dual advantage: firstly, they’ll be able to develop rich content that’ll be able to create your website presence and secondly your business will also get mileage and visibility on the firms own website. XXBR2 The third benefit is that you’ll be able to enhance link building by linking your website to the consultants website or they can provide a backward or forward link from their website to yours. You can even use the name of the consultant or firm on your promotional material like press releases. This will add to the credibility of your project. XXBR2 Link Building Step#2: XXBR1 Emailers/Blogs/Article directories: This is an important aspect of building brand visibility. If you already have a mailing list then you can send it to all the people on the list. You can create link bait by adding your link in the email, so that they can visit your website and get more information. Link bulding though Blogs and articles writing has a viral effect which means that the content will keep on getting posted online and therefore increasing your inbound links. XXBR2 You can also entice people by offering discount coupons or creating loyalty programs with rewards and different schemes. This is a good way of laying link bait and then getting people to your website and increasing traffic as well as revenue. A very clever way to link baiting is to offer a freebie. For instance consider a mortgage site that may offer a payment calculator where visitors can calculate the monthly payment of a home purchase. A well promoted free offer will result in an increase a link popularity as web surfer may refer your site in forums with a link and prospect may use the calculator on your site and if your sites content is attractive enough you may end up converting a web surfer into a lead or a sale. XXBR2 The second option for link building is to start a blog. Whether you are selling a service or product, you can always create a blog that’ll draw people out and where others can make comments. Adding a link to the blog will enhance link building as visitors will be able to visit your website. XXBR2 The third method of link building is through submission of articles in article directories or ezines. You can always add a link to your website and most of the article directories will let you submit articles for free. One of the premier article directories is XXBR2 Link Building Step#3 Social Responsibility: XXBR1 This has a very prominent place in the world of business now. You should create content that’s effective, morally right and can provide the right impact. Use the content for link building by inserting your website URL and submit the content on strategic places like websites of non profit organizations. XXBR2 Link Building Step#4 Banners: XXBR1 You can use back banner exchange as a part of the link building process over the Internet. You can add your banners on the websites of non-profit organizations and other organizations and websites and create a back link through the banners to maximize traffic and create a positive brand building. The more interesting the content in the banner, the more people would be interested. You can add content on the banners and advertisements that’ll act as a link bait and direct the traffic or visitors to your website. XXBR2 Link Building Step#5 Media: XXBR1 Most types of media platforms can act as strong link baits. From the print media (news papers & magazines) to Television, you can explore various opportunities of link building. One of the most powerful weapons in print media is a Press release. Press releases of new products or product launches are extremely good avenues in getting in more business. Similarly use content to create an impact through radio advertisements, which can reach your target audience with ease. XXBR2



It seems these days everyone is an SEO expert. What they don’t tell you is they are self-proclaimed experts in SEO with very little technical background and no credentials to back them up. Trying to find a quality SEO expert (a true expert) is becoming a frustrating task for webmasters. It is rare to come across a webmaster who’s employed the services of an SEO firm and didn’t get burned in one way or another. SEO experts promise the world and more commonly than not under-deliver. In order to save money and frustration, many webmasters have branched off and tried to apply SEO on their own. So, are these webmasters heading down the wrong path or have they figured out that SEO isn’t as difficult as the SEO experts lead people to believe? XXBR2 Promising The Moon and The Stars, Delivering a box of Lucky Charms. XXBR1 Several SEO companies you come across are going to promise you a top-10 ranking. That’s a top-10 ranking as-in showing up between 1 and 10 of the search engines results pages (SERPs). Research has shown that close to 90% of all world-wide-web users don’t browse past the first page of SERPs. If you are not in the top 30 you can forget about getting ANY traffic from search engines. A guaranteed top-10 placement is a very bold promise, one that probably sounds too good to be true. In fact, it isn’t! Almost any SEO firm can guarantee they’ll place your website in the top-10 of SERPs in a mo and deliver 100% on what they promised! Now… what EXACTLY did they promise? They promised a top-10 ranking, that much is fact. Beyond that, no specific details were provided. Here’s the problem. Top-10 ranking only means something if your website is placed in the top-10 of highly targeted and relevant keywords or keyword phrases that users are actually searching on. Most of these SEO firms are simply targeting very niche keywords that have little to no competition. By doing so they are delivering on their promise of top-10 rankings. The problem is the keywords with little to no competition most likely have little to no searches against them by real users. It sure does look good for an SEO expert to type in “Chartreuse Colored Keyboards” and have your keyboard website come up 1st in the results set. How many REAL users are going to be conducting a search under the specific keywords “Chartreuse Colored Keyboards”? If you are lucky, maybe a half-dozen in a year. One thing to be careful of with any SEO company is a promise that seems too good to be true. Vagueness is the ally for SEO’s as they can make deliver on what they promise, which is commonly just an illusion of what you expect. XXBR2 When In Doubt, Do It Yourself! XXBR1 SEO isn’t rocket science. You don’t need a degree or a strong technical background to apply effective SEO. Most you need is a “can do” work ethic and a basic understanding of core SEO concepts. Let’s explore several simple to apply techniques that are the core of effective SEO! Through out this article we’ll refer to a fictitious online reseller of rare keyboards for examples and illustrative purposes. XXBR2 Content Crazy XXBR1 Content (or copy) is the actual text that appears on your web pages. Your goal should always be to come up with unique and intelligent content for your site. The best thing you can do is write daily or weekly articles that are relevant to your website and will add value to your users. Believe it or not, adding content to your website is a HUGE aspect of SEO. Search engines crawl websites at varied intervals, and the more content you add to your site the more “important” it will be. As importance grows, so will the frequency of web crawls. Every page that’s indexed in your site is a likely point-of-entry for a user conducting searches in their favorite search engine. So, as an example, if you add an article about “Fine Brazilian Keyboards” the article is likely to get indexed by the search engines. When a user searches the world-wide-web for “Brazilian Keyboards”, you’ve a very good chance to appearing in the SERPs… if your article is targeting the correct keywords. XXBR2 Keywords For Life XXBR1 Keywords are your main source of getting targeted traffic to your website. Any new page or content you add to your site is likely to have a very specific theme that is relevant to your overall site theme. If you are an online reseller of rare keyboards, any article or content you add to your site should in some way relate to keyboards. Note that “keyboards” is your main keyword for your site and “rare keyboards” is your keyword phrase. The words “rare keyboard” should appear several times throughout your homepage. The more times “rare keyboards” appears, the higher the keyword density. Your goal for any content is to include the keyword or keyword phrase enough times that is prevalent on the page but does NOT reduce readability! By doing so you are increasing the likelihood that a search on “rare keyboards” will result in your page shooting to the top of rankings based on the frequency of your keywords (appears more relevant to search engines). Keywords have more emphasis to the readers and also search engines when they are bold or in the header. Use the following tags when constructing your page header and emphasis words: XXBR2 – [ H1 ]: Should appear as the top text line on mostly all page and contain the keyword phrase XXBR1 – [ strong / b ]: Keyword phrases in the main body of the text should be emphasized where it makes sense. You may also consider having a sub-header under the header with a secondary keyword phrase. XXBR2 Keywords should not just stop on the page content. Clever and consistent use of keywords also need to be applied to META Description and Keyword tags and appear on EVERY page. That is, mostly all page should have different META keywords and descriptions that flow with the targeted keywords for that page. Finally, mostly all single page should have a descriptive TITLE that includes the keyword phrase, preferably in the beginning of the title. XXBR2 Of course, keywords alone will not gain you top-10 rankings for competitive keyword phrases. You also need to gain one-way links. XXBR2 Obtaining One-Way Links, Not As Difficult As You Think XXBR1 Any good SEO expert will tell you that you NEED to good source of one-way links in order to compete with websites in the same vertical market as your own. Search engines place some of the strongest emphasis on one-way links. A one-way link is any hyperlink that lives on a website outside your own that points to your website without the need for you to link back to it. One-way links are considered a “vote” of popularity for the other site. The more “votes” the site has the more popular search engines will think it is and the rankings will increase. It really is that simple. Here are some ways to obtain one-way links: XXBR2 – Write and post articles online ( XXBR1 – Write and post press-releases online XXBR1 – Write a testimonial for your favorite site in exchange for a link XXBR1 – Submit to web directories such as DMOZ ( XXBR1 – Sign up for linking services such as Free Links Direct ( XXBR1 – start a blog and have links point to your website on wordpress ( XXBR1 – Join forums and include a link to your site in your signature XXBR1 – Exchange content to competing site in exchange for a one-way link XXBR2 As you can see, there are many different ways to obtain one-way links. Most of them will require some work on your part, but the payoff is well worth the effort. You’ll also need to consider how your links are constructed, specifically your anchor text (the text that contains your link). Any link that points to your site should contain the keyword or keyword phrase for the page that it is linking to. of course, that’s assuming you’ve some level of control over the link (which isn’t always the case). When constructing your links you need to stay clear of the popular “click here” or “click now” links. Although you will get points for the link pointing to your site, you are not optimizing the link. Let’s look at an example for our rare keyboards web site. You need to construct your link so that the words “Rare Keyboards” appear as your anchor text and are in the body of a sentence. Take a look at the following three link sentences: XXBR2 – NEVER use click here or click me for anchor text XXBR1 “click here for rare keyboards at discounted rates” XXBR1 – Although not bad, you are not making the best use of your anchor text XXBR1 “rare keyboards – your source to rare keyboards at discounted rates!” XXBR1 – Now this is like it! XXBR1 “View our catalog of rare keyboards at discounted rates” XXBR2 The first link phrase is terrible. You never need the links that point at you to be non descriptive nonsense such as “click here” or “click me”. They are meaningless to the search engines and are not favorable to search engine spiders. XXBR1 The second link isn’t bad at all. It is perfectly acceptable, but it isn’t as good as it should be. It seems too “forced” and very unnatural. You should always have a goal of making the link flow with the content. XXBR1 Of the three, the last link sentence is by far the best. Your keywords are used as your anchor text and appear in the body of a sentence describing the website. It isn’t only better for SEO, it is also better for users and will more likely get you a few clicks. XXBR2 Content: check, Keywords: check, One-way Links: check, Now What? XXBR1 You may not believe this… but there really is no “now what”. Applying all of the above methods has just made you an expert in SEO! At least, an expert in theory. It is entirely up to you on how well you apply these SEO techniques. It will take time, effort, and most definitely trial and error to apply the correct SEO to your website. Once you’ve these basics mastered, you can move on to more advanced SEO techniques. Soon you will be a master in the SEO field and find your sites moving up the SERPs ladder. Best of all, it didn’t cost you a dime and you can apply these same techniques to any new website you establish. XXBR2

The tactics of search engine optimization


What is needed to market your services online? Most companies nowadays build their own website effective way to promote your services / products. But this kind of promotion can be a difficult task to do. Sales and income generation depends on the quality and uniqueness of your site.

Search Engine Optimization is an essential for you to achieve and drive targeted traffics from your site form. To increase the number of leads and queries from your website, you need to be well advertised and promoted in major search engines on the Internet.

Specific tasks such as increased sales and driving traffic are performed by a specialist in Internet marketing or search engine optimization specialists. There is no complete explanation of how search engines ranking algorithm works. So you must break their algorithms and learn optimization techniques so you can make adjustments on the strategies and techniques that are made in order to increase traffic. Brainstorming to have a well organized for website marketing plan is also necessary. Market research is needed to understand the imbalances that exist on the market. Through this strategy you can base your marketing strategy to see any competitor's website by analyzing and planning the necessary keywords that will be on the basis of competition. The cost incurred on website marketing is in the client's budget. It means providing best services at economical prices. Keyword research

Should also be included in planning marketing strategies. Because the density and prominence affects the ranking of your site when robots search engines performs tracing. So you have to always check the keywords and the search for new updates. You can use various tools to control their keyword density and prominence. This will help you choose your major targeted keywords and find out keyword competition and monthly search volume, with these you can guarantee that your website meet the goals or requirements that we implement. If the marketing strategy is not working accordingly, maybe this is the time you should change your marketing plan and make adjustments to improve it further.

This feature can boost your site and gain interesting prospects for your business knowing any marketing tactics popular Internet search engine optimization. Given these SEO strategies in Internet marketing will be helpful: 1. Link
popularity through search engines where you have to submit your site to the major search
2.Doing #engines search engines pay-per-click button where you can buy your ranking if you don 't want to be bothered with optimization
3.Advantage link exchange that can be done by searching high ranking sites that are related in their market.
4.Marketing Referrals to promote your site to other markets available online.

5. Doing
Article Submissions, Directory Submissions, Classified presentations, press releases, presentations depending on their field of interest and joining forums ads is also an effective way for you to promote your site in online market.

To continue with these despite all the success to strengthen and improve your marketing plan. Thus the basic goal of any marketing specialist / specialist search engine optimization network is key to take visitors to the website, as well as increased traffic and sales, a full analysis of the website , perform online promotion tasks and create unique brand of identify for your website. Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Strategies is very important because the ideas of creating a quality website begins here.

Incorporating these basics in the promotion of a website is a good effort to begin the process of optimizing a website.

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