Make Your Site More Crawl-worthy With these Great Tips

Search Engine Optimization ProcessAn increase in crawl rate means that search engines like Google crawl your website more frequently. There are many different time frames that search engines use that could range from a few weeks to a few hours time from one “crawl” to the next. When your website is experiencing a high crawl rate it means that you are doing something right – at least according to Google’s standards for what is right. Improving your crawl rate means you’re going to have better performance from your site – keep reading to learn what you need to do to boost those vital crawl rates.

Believe it or not, a slow loading page can slow the rate of return for search engine spiders. It’s important to get those load times down as much as possible if you’re looking to improve your relationship with Google and its merry band of bots. You won’t have to work very hard, in general, to get those load times down a good deal. You can easily reduce the load time for pages on your site by limiting the number and size of images and graphics. Use your common sense to see what could be slowing down the speed and how you can rev it up for better response. Interlinking all the relevant pages on your website is something that you should do in order to improve your page rank and get the crawlers to visit your regularly. Interlinking is one way to really attract Google as they have a deep appreciation for this practice when it’s done well. Google sees this differently than you might expect because they view it as a sign that your site is taking extra steps to deliver quality content and help your viewers have easy access to all of it. Ensure that you’re only interlinking relevant pages and not just anything and everything.

Don’t plagiarize – it will do your site much more harm than good in the eyes of search engines. They do, and so does Google – no prizes for guessing! For this reason it’s always best to use content on your site that isn’t found anywhere else. Google offers stiff penalties, like lower page rank, for sites that display content that can be seen elsewhere. Google’s most recent changes to their algorithm resulted in a major “Google slap” for sites that used content that had been displayed elsewhere. But you need to do more than just add original content, the content you add must also provide value to your site.

Have you begun to see how simple it really is to improve your sites crawl rate? The upside of this is that you’ll see your sites new content indexed faster than ever before as well as more traffic than you ever thought possible. So go ahead and start taking action by contacting a local search engine optimization company in Atlanta. Red Rain SEO – 732-333-8908 is a good choice.

Expert SEO Service

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that the world is not the same that once used to be. Due to various reasons, the world is now under the threat of a global economic recession. Companies that used to be very prosperous are paying off there at all. Almost every industry in the world is under the pile of losses and debts. Several entrepreneurs have renounced the survival of their businesses. No doubt this is the worst time that the business world has seen. At this point of time, people do not have many options left to stay with and when the need for the UK SEO service is providing the best SEO service you can imagine.

We, the UK SEO company, proudly give you the best search engine optimization you can get from any other SEO company. Now you may wonder there are thousands of SEO companies that promise the same, then why choose us? So answer to this question is very easy as what other companies lack is the quality of work they can provide. We are experts in improving the traffic of any website without any difficulty and in the shortest time. You will be amazed to see the number of people pouring into your website after we have finished our work.

We are very aware of the fact that despite the global economic downturn or other difficulties, world wide web is the world that can not be ignored by people. There are millions of people who log on to the world of the World Wide Web every minute of the day. With this in mind, we use certain keywords that may be more likely to be sought by most people. We provide everything you need for a website to reach the top of the ranking among the various search engines. In Search Engine Optimization UK, we extract both text and we can depending on the cost, since most of your pages and used for descriptive words and key labeling.

Also with SEO Solutions broad spectrum, to check and revise the design of your website from different versions of different browsers available on the web worldwide in order to ensure that maximum people can see your site using different browsers without any problems.

Optimize Website

This article describes in simple terms, practices and effective tactics used to optimize your website. Following these suggestions, it will result in a more enjoyable experience for visitors and traffic. At the end of this article there is a resource and referral section where you can find information and support services related to each topic.

Browser compatibility

Not a surprised for website owners, webmasters and others who are involved in their websites optimization to see how different websites on various web browsers or between different versions of web browsers are displayed . Web pages may not even be visible in some web browsers.

Viewing the difference is the result of how different web browsers available (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.), or their versions, handle HTML code, HTML errors or screen resolution of your computer. Due to the above reasons, I recommend looking at your web pages through at least three of the platforms used web browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox. Alternatively, you can use the available web-based found in the References and Resources section at the end of this article service. (See Anybrowser viewer and Firefox below).

Tags Meta Title and Meta Tags are

Information inserted into the [head] section [/ HEAD] the HTML code of a web page. There are many types of meta tags. We will consider only two of them and label [TITLE].

From the point of view of the visitor, the only visible in the head section tag is the title tag, which is not a meta tag itself, but one media label is in the head section of the page Web. The title tag is responsible for the formulation shown in the upper left corner of the browser window. You should always include this tag in order to name their web pages. Think of the title tag as the subject of an email message.

The two most important meta tags are the keyword tags and description that are invisible to the visitor's eyes but should be also included if you want your page information (title and description) to be displayed correctly in the page search engine results (SERP) list. Especially important is the meta description tag.

In the early days of the Internet, it could influence the outcome of the search for keywords in the meta keyword tags and meta description wanted the search engine (SE) to rank your page for today not can influence the outcome of the sE only add keywords desirable more because of the level of complexity have reached the PEs that are able to analyze your page, decide what is all this and give the position in the SERP based on these findings and other external factors that are beyond the scope of this article. You could do just fine without including a meta keyword tag, including but nothing is lost, on the contrary, I think it would rather do more good than harm.

Keyword tag should contain between 5 and 10 keywords that appear in the body of your page. You should never include keywords in the tag that do not appear on that page. We can say that some SE will penalized your website doing the opposite. Also not the same keyword is repeated to avoid penalty SE. (See meta tags generator below).

The Importance of ALT Tags

Several web surfer and visually impaired people surf the Internet with the image option off seeing your web browser or using text readers respectively. When one of these surfer visits your site containing lot of pictures, and you happen to be that those images contain most of the content of your website is, they will not be able to read the content of your pages if the images They do not contain alt = "description tags of your image." The same situation applies to search engines from CUE apply without images of the index, not index any text your web site has in image format. ALT tags are essentially image descriptions that always should be added to your images to make sure your visitors and the search engines can read and recognize all the content of your web site respectively.

Platforms Browser Safe Color Palettes Computer

Handle color differently, and the web browser limits colors significantly. In order to move around the digital world with consistency, the web designer should be well aware of this fact.

When in the real world all colors are the result of a combination of subtractive three primary colors: Red, yellow and blue. In the digital world all colors are the result of additive color or combination of the three primary colors: Red, green and blue, it referred to as RGB for short. Unlike additive color is subtractive color the tangible world. RGB values are derived

A method that numerically determines the amount of red, green and blue color are concerned. Each color contains a percentage of red, green, and blue.

A safe palette colors is a palette containing 216 RGB colors that are to remain as stable as possible from one browser to another, between platforms, and monitor different capacities and resolutions. If colors are used outside the safety range of colors, many website visitors will see the color of the team has available color instead has appointed to. In this case, if ordered a soft blue, pale outside the safety range of colors, it is possible to have visitors all who consider neon color so bright. (See chart Web safe color below). Check broken links

Broken links are links that lead nowhere, and clicking the link will display an error code page 404. It is said that about 5% to 7% of all Internet links are broken.

A site that contains broken links, including missing links to images, gives a very bad impression to potential visitors and is a frequent cause of lost visitors. In addition, search engines and directories may not list your Web page if it has broken links. (See links checker and tools NetMechanic below).

Check load web surfers Several Web Time

Today browse the Internet through a broadband connection high speed, it is fair to say that visitors will not have any problem to access a document heavy loaded page, but a percentage significant Internet users still use slow dial connection to access the web.

Surfers are known to have very short attention span capacity and leave your site before the page finishes loading. If many visitors and sales this way if care when loading pages is not paid is not lost. Generally speaking, the maximum accepted time for a page to load is about 10 seconds and it is recommended that your page to be around 25Kb in size.

A simple way to calculate the size of the networks of their website is using Windows Explorer to find the file in your HTML and any graph containing and looking at the value of size for each file involved then add the numbers to get the size of the page in question.

Down the loading time of a website that can be easily achieved thus compress or reduce the size of your images, and reducing the size of your HTML code. You will lose some sharpness after compressing more than 40 percent, but can gain speed. Below you will find practical ways to further reduce page load time ways, read on. (See load time checker and image cruncher below).

HTML Code Optimizer An HTML Optimizer removes

Blank spaces in your HTML code, and this is another way to make your pages load faster. The result is a faster download time. Pages are displayed in the browser of a client in exactly the same way, but the file size will be smaller.

Please make sure that the optimizer uses uncompressed HTML codes embedded in your page script, which could become unusable if they get optimized this way. (See Optimizer code below).

FRONTERA, height and width attributes

The attributes used with the tag [IMG] to specify an image width and height are the width and height attributes indicating the exact size of the image in pixels. The other attribute that influences how an image is represented on the user's screen is the BORDER attribute, which must be set to zero if you do not want your hyperlinked image to show a blue border around it. No need to specify border = "0" for a non-hyperlink, normal picture, since no frame around an image unless the image is a link.

An interesting option for adding height and attributes width for an image tag plus is that when you do specify the image size for all your images, browsers take much less time to make your page because the browser can determine the page layout without having to retrieve each image separately to find out what size it is. To find out the width and height of an image, simply open it with any image editor and search your property.

Validate your HTML code Just as texts in a natural language can include spelling or grammar errors, documents using markup languages like HTML may, for various reasons, can not follow these rules. The process of verifying whether a Web document actually follows the rules for the language used is called validation, and the tool used for that is a validator. A document that successfully passes this process is called valid and complies with a specific set of rules.

Different browsers or versions of the same browser, will make different guesses about the same illegal code; Worse, if the HTML code is very bad, the browser could get confused and have a screen mutilated mess, or even crash. Validate the HTML code will help ensure that display properly in most browsers. Always check the validity of your HTML code.

Seek a versatile validation tool in the References and Resources section at the end of this article, which is able to analyze your web pages directly from your server, file upload, and direct code entry document. (See validation service below). References and Resources:



IWEBTOOLS MetaTags GENERATOR: Http: / / safe colors

WEB TABLE: Http://

IWEBTOOLS Link Checker: Mechanic tools

NET: Http://

Checker NetMechanic charging time: Http://

Spinwave SHREDDER IMAGE: Http: // www.

Code HTML Optimizer: Http://

W3C validation service: Http://

The local small business SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one that provides the most lucrative method and the result of online marketing. However, with new innovations and changes in the dynamics of marketing, there is a better opportunity to promote your online business with Google local SEO.

In this unique and very entrepreneurial concept can acquire customers by micro targeting areas that can serve for their products or services. Since a lot of people who are looking for stuff available in your area, add the name of the region or province to the actual keyword and creating a new niche keywords. With Google local SEO, you will be able to cater to a lot of this kind of clients in different areas. On the other hand your site is optimized for specific areas you are targeting by adding content and relevant keywords. Another trick

Google Local SEO is adding the name of the company to a lot of directories and sites that originate from that specific region that increases the relevance of the site to the region ultimately leads to a higher classification.

At the same time, an important advantage of Google local SEO is that you do not have to wait long to see himself at the top of the search engines. Since the keyword is aimed at a niche location, competition is relatively low and that appears on the first page with the right kind of help can be reasonably fast. Hence the money spent on this form of marketing can always get back at a faster pace. Also, since the competition is not so immense, the chances of their being displaced ranking are smaller, so you can even benefit from long-term traffic that comes from a key word. This tactic

Customers can also develop confidence in the company to study the aspect of location that you offer. Most people tend to develop a trust factor or union if you have the view that a company is being directed specifically to your area, is above all a sense of pride that develops.

This particular concept is fairly new and not a lot of people are opting for it, however, you can find a reliable SEO company that can do this for you at a reasonable price so you can start making the most of she. You can be sure that the benefits your going to get from this activity will be immense.

Optimize the website for search engines

(Please note that this article contains only the first steps to optimize your site and increase your page rank. The tips here by no means guarantee that search engines index fastest or increase their range page.) Step 1

The robot.txt file

The best place to start is by creating a robot.txt file. This is the most rudimentary task you can do to help optimize for search engines. It should be added to the root directory of your website. The robot.txt file is the first thing that almost any search engine looking for when it comes to your site. Although not necessarily required, most search engines treat this file as a formal invitation to investigate and index the pages of your site. Several engines are not going to explore your site if you can not find the text file. While you do not have directories or engines you need to skip the scan, the format can be as simple as two lines of text:

User-agent: * Disallow

This tells a search robot arrived that allowed explore the entire site. If you want to make certain directories outside the limits or block certain search engines, you can expand the scope of the file. For example, if you need nothing indexing Google in a directory named "resources" that can be placed in your text file:

User-agent: Googlebot Disallow:
/ resources /

Step 2 – Create a site map

The next step is to create a site map. This is a detailed list of links on your site in XML format. Google has a site map maker for download to help. There are many sites that offer this for free, too. Once created, to be submitted to search engines. Google and Yahoo both

Allow you to manage the web site of a webmaster tools section. Here you can add your site map, monitor keywords, and more. It is strongly recommended to create an account with both companies and controlling how your site is doing recommended. Creating a link to your site map that is accessible by end users of the site is also advisable.

Step 3 – validate your code

Several webmasters overlook validate your HTML, as long as the site 'looks good'. Note that just because a site shows correctly does not mean that obeys the rules of the brand until you have specified. If you are unsure if your site passes this validation can be run through WC3 Validator. It can be found here: Http://

Step 4 – create links to your site

The final step will be covered in this chapter requires no time and work, but worth it. You must accumulate the amount of quality external links to your site. The more quality links are pointing to your site, the more attention you get from search engines. There are many ways to go about this and most of them are reckless. Avoid paying to get links from sites that offer advertising links as one of its primary care services. It is placed on a page with a long list of irrelevant links in order to increase page rank possible pain more efforts to help them. Look for quality advertising. This means finding sites to get links that have real content, not just based on advertising links as yours. Placing content on your site that draws people will result in links to your content from other sites and blogs on the Web. This is good for your page rank.

Another way to get quality external links at no cost is to write content related to your site and place them on the sites articles databases through web articles. If you have a site worth viewing then chances are that is not a topic that can be written. Be sure to refer to your site in the resource box or in the body of the article, if the rules of the database that allow that option. Write your articles well and provide necessary information and will help increase site popularity.

Professional SEO Company in USA

A professional SEO company helps establish a successful website with the result that driven. Worldwide and professional SEO companies know that the rivalry between online marketing companies is very difficult to have to look at every legitimate way to give a website competitive edge over its rivals. This is the role a reliable SEO company plays and takes pride.

There are SEO companies that not only pay lower than others, but also assure customers of a lot of good, solid advice and good results in the page rankings. They are also well aware of the objectives and requirements of its customers who seek their advice and expertise. These SEO companies are also in knowing the target audience. They know that all the objectives and requirements add up to one thing: To gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

A reliable professional SEO company always keeps track of the evolution of competition is observed and on. This monitoring is the basis for designing a strategy and well-conceived approach. This includes ideas approved by Google as PPC marketing, content-rich and keyword-rich sites, you can easily navigate, contains links to other websites essential back production and other marketing strategies. The end result is always a very satisfied customer and a website rank higher.

A reliable professional SEO company has a mission to ensure that all aspects of internet marketing is well covered professionally and reliably. Coverage begins from the selection of a good domain name to load web pages to a reliable server. It ensures that every services and products they offer are tailored to customers' requirements and specifications.

There are a number of companies SEM failing in a very relevant specification. It was drowned by his great desire to create elegant and pages fashion website, which are sE highly optimized that they forget one important thing "" a product to use and easy to use final good search engine.

A reliable professional SEO company knows every detail of how a website can succeed with good technical marketing such as easy navigation, fast loading feature pages and lots of visual attraction. This is also apart of the marketing tools SEO that are being used to ensure that clients' websites to achieve and maintain the classification search engine.

Cheap web

There are few steps you must follow to get your website up and running with a web hosting company. First you need to find a domain name for your website.

* Domain Name – The name used for your website. Eg www. Cheap web-hosting-information. Com

* Web Hosting – With this service people are able to see your website. Web hosting is where your site is hosted.

A domain name is the name used when people visit your page (ex. Cheap-web-hosting-information. Com) which is my domain name. Once you have your domain name in mind, then any of the companies cheap web hosting will allow you to get a domain name for free if you buy a web hosting package from them, but if you do not want to get the domain name of the web hosting company then you can go to goDaddy. Com and buy your domain name from them. Do not include http: // www or when you are registering your domain name.

After you get your domain name registration if not already have a web hosting company, then you need to start looking for cheap web hosting packages. One thing that is necessary to keep in mind is that no matter if the hosting package is cheap or not the most important thing to look for is the programming language that the web hosting supports. Some of them support more than one programming language but others support only one. So try to first find the web hosting companies that have the programming language to be used and then look for how cheap are the web hosting plans.

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Site Optimization

We have the confidence and links authority sites and search engines and directories to point in the direction of the sites we need. We will discuss this "confidence" from the point of view of positioning your web business.

When you have generated traffic to your site, you need to give people what they are really looking for. In particular, it must provide genuine answers and real benefits through their writing site.

This is a major obstacle for using doorway pages to maximize your search engine optimization – regardless of their human visitors.

You know clearly focused keywording through your site is critical to the success of SEO. So how words are written on your page to emphasize their theme of the site for search engines, and most importantly, serve your customers? Go

Belly to belly

The answer is to write for people first, not the search engines. The average Web business constantly competing for our attention and our thoughts fragmented. It is exhausting. Does not it make sense to create a Web site that offers shelter from the storm online? A key marketing

Thought to consider is that a few hundred of satisfied customers can be fed well, to you, and take care that in mature age. These

'customers for life' will only be yours if you and your website is a customized service oriented. It is a powerful way to separate themselves from their competitors who think that automation is the only answer for web success.

Here are 10 key questions to help you with this approach. The answers that generate inform your writing website.

Or Your Product / Service

1. For site visitors: What are the results / specific benefits provided by the people who buy from you …


Their products and services 😕 Name two key short phrases that describe exactly what provides …

3. What is your most commercial, only ,, unique competitive advantage? This is the key Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

4. Describe your product / service in detail key features …

A. Schedule 7 appearing in sight:

(A feature is a fact about a product or service, such as "wash cold, hang dry "or" made in Morocco ". Features show how things are created, delivered and maintained.) B. List

7 huge benefits of your products / services give their site visitors …

(a benefit is something that will make it easier or more productive life of someone better, by using your product or service)

5. What product / service is the "best of the best '-. The # 1 most popular, profitable or marketable offer …

Or your site visitor

6. Who is the perfect site visitor Supply many details as possible: Demographics (gender, age, employment, etc.), geographics (location, country, city, etc. ), psychographic (culture, interests, lifestyle, etc) …

7. Single list and 7 interesting facts that really need site visitors know about you and the products / services offered …

8. List of at least 7 of the most frequently asked questions about your products / services as well as the answers given …

9. List of at least 7 of the most common mistakes site visitors have about their deals .. .

10. What are the 3 specific things your target market wants to know more about or looking at your product / service? …

The Summarization: Client integration and search engine needs

You have thought long and hard, he has dug deep. He even asked his visitors what they want. In the process that generated the raw materials you need to write your copy of the site.

This is how to use this information to please both site visitors and search engines:

A. Write for your audience – the people who most need to reach. If you are writing sales copy, the template outlined here is recommended. B. Use

Excellent suggestion tool keyword Overture. He disappeared for a while, but is now back again. We are researching what words people actually use when they look through a search engine to find what you offer.

C. Take the word # 1 to find on Overture. Wherever it makes sense (and without being disagreeable), replace the key words and similar phrases within your site word writing. Ideally, you should try to get a share of 3-7% of your keywords to the other words on your page word. To measure your keyword density visit And while you're at it, use this tool to check your competitors appear with this keyword. Note where and how they have used this keyword in your text and visible source.

D. Re-optimize your pages around this keyword, then deliver these newly written register with the major search engines page.

This is the "human approach" to optimize the site. It's not scientific but it's fast, and can free up your time to move on to the other aspects of your web business.

Optimize the website for search engines

When a channel is created RSS is suggested to use the same tactics of search engine optimization as you would a normal HTML web page.

Here are simple steps you can take to help optimize an RSS feed for the search engines:

1. The title must contain keywords related to the content of its RSS service. It is important that the title is relevant to the content and does not mislead the reader.

2. Display

An RSS feed on your website. By displaying a feed on a website and providing fresh content, search engines will spider the website regularly. The most typical form of your website is updated with new content more regularly the search engines index your site.

3. Internal links. Within your power, make sure to always use the full path of any links. Other websites union May the content of your RSS feed and if the links in the feed are not fully qualified, then it will not work. Links should also launch a new browser thus keeping visitors on your website.

4. Highlight keywords in the link text. Search engines use text in feeds internal links to help identify the keywords to use for your RSS feed.

Therefore, be sure to use the keywords in the anchor text pointing to your web site or feed.


My.MSN and My.Yahoo. The fastest way to get your RSS feed spidered by Yahoo or MSN is to include your feed on a personal or my.msn home page.

Just create an account on the search engines and set the home page to include your RSS feed. The RSS channel mostly be indexed by Yahoo and MSN within 24 to 48 hours.


RSS feed backward. As with a website you need to increase link popularity feed by submitting the appropriate directories. In presenting their food, be sure to choose the correct category.

7. Summary

RSS Feed. Summaries or introductions to provide additional information on an HTML site that will entice the reader to click on them to see the whole issue of food are needed. By providing enough teaser copy is given to users to easily decide whether the content is something that is important to them.

8. Subscribe to your own RSS feed. How will you know what your subscribers are seeing unless you look for yourself? The subscription will also grant you experhyment with the format and will show when you need to add HTML into your feed.

9. Most screen readers

RSS feeds in the reader alphabetically. This means that if the RSS title begins with A, then it is likely to appear at the top of the list in most feed readers. So keep this tip in mind if you think it is important for food to appear at the top of the list of most feed readers.

10. Every link in your feed is important. Each label element of the RSS should include a unique URL. This URL should send users to information that is related to food.

Must produce quality content. It is the content that will keep your visitors coming back.

RSS feeds are a simple and economical method of marketing your site. By becoming a content provider now will only mean much greater benefits in the future.

Search engines tend to make even the most successful marketers feel powerless.

Avoid the wrath of the search engines by following these basic tips for optimizing your RSS service. Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli